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Safety and certainty are always paramount. This is why, at ProVision Security, clients? security and protection system requirements are met with professionalism, safety, and confidentiality in Tampa. ProVision Security has a number of security systems available for both commercial and residential establishments in Clearwater, giving owners the peace of mind that they need.

Company history

ProVision Security may have begun as a division within a larger company, but has since grown into its own corporate entity, with its own ideals founded on expertise, flexibility, integrity, and an unparalleled commitment to service of great worth. The company?s management team can boast more than 50 years of experience in the security industry, with completed projects and happy clients all over the world. ProVision understands that security does not begin simply with the installation of an alarm or surveillance camera. Rather, it goes the extra mile for its clients, providing on-call assistance and technical maintenance, further proof of its commitment to service, and its confidence in its products.

Products and services

ProVision has many available products and services to choose from, from basic residential alarm coding systems with linkage to police and emergency services, to state-of-the-art biometric consoles and voice-activated locking systems.
The first thing that prospective clients should determine is whether the security system they wish to purchase is for residential or commercial use in St. Petersburg. Each customized system has its own features, some of which will be explored and explained below.

Residential options

For its clients wishing to install security systems in their homes, ProVision has a number of options to mix and match according to their clients? needs. Perhaps the most commonly recognized piece of security equipment is the video surveillance camera, also known as closed circuit television. Small, discreet video cameras are installed in strategic locations throughout the house, providing instant real-time video of goings-on in the perimeter of the house. Clients have the option of viewing the premises in real time, or recording the video digitally, for later review. For many people, prevention is the best form of security, and preventing strangers from entering the premises is an excellent form of security.
Closely associated with closed circuit television is a monitoring system. This is usually an array of screens and monitors set up in a secure location, through which activity within the house can be viewed remotely. An independent party can look through the entire home at a glance, determine the nature of the emergency, and quickly dispatch emergency assistance. This is an excellent comprehensive security option, safeguarding homeowners in cases of fire and medical emergency, as well as intrusion.

Some clients may also wish to add door access controls as a security option. These consoles usually consist of a readout and a keypad, and require an access code to disarm. If anyone entering the premises is unable to enter the access code, the console broadcasts an alarm to notify emergency services of the presence of a possible intruder. These are simple to install, and are an excellent option for clients who spend a lot of time away from home.

Commercial security systems

Arguably the company?s most popular piece of security equipment, the biometrics panel is often commercial establishments? first choice when it comes to access control and security. The panel is connected to a computer with a database of permitted personnel?s biometric data, such as fingerprints, retinal scans, and voice recordings. Personnel only need to provide a matching sample of biometrics, usually by speaking into a microphone or laying a hand on a touch screen, in order to gain access.

To streamline business processes and lower utilities costs, ProVision also offers centralized controls for air conditioning, phone lines, water, and other needs. Controls also allow building environments to be modified anytime, changing the fitness for occupancy and security levels of the premises. These are called intelligent building systems, and are very popular among large companies.

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