Month: August 2019

Prevent Cyber Attacks by Securing Your Internet

If you look at the astonishing amount of people that are solely making use of the internet, you will be amazed at how many cyber attacks happen on a daily basis. This is the reason why you need data protection software for your internet connections.

It has been measured that roughly a third of the population of the globe makes use of the internet on a daily basis. That is a figure in the billions which then doesn’t come as a surprise that there are thousands of very important pieces of information on the internet like bank details, addresses and identification numbers. Would it then come as a surprise to know that there are thousands of people able to break into your confidential information and use it for their own benefit?

Many studies have been done regarding cyber attacks, viruses and files that harm your computer and it has been found that the only way to combat some of these criminal acts is to make sure that you purchase and install competent data protection software for your private or company information.

The studies showed that by improving your network security with the use of protective software will increase the security of your information by as much as 80%. These figures are the deciding factor on many a large corporate company’s decision to purchase state of the art security software that could amount to thousands of rand.

With the beginning of the internet, all you needed to log onto your “secure” account was a simple username and a password. It was thought to be sufficient enough to keep any information secure. But with the growth in knowledge of the internet hackers and cyber attackers, they have even been able to hack into the confidential files of the White House. Hackers are now able to view your online banking site as you use it, and with the use of electronically tuned tools, pick up your security codes as you insert them into the banking website. They are therefore informed about your bank account number, security password and even the balance that is in your account, which makes it very easy for them to withdraw any amount from your account without being able to be traced.

Hackers are also able to send a virus in the form of a card, invitation or notice of a prize won directly to your email address or your website, rendering it useless. These viruses can even wipe out all the information on your system and distort the memory on your hard drive, making it almost impossible to use again.

It is therefore extremely important that you enquire about and purchase very good quality data protection software to rest assured that your precious information is safe and secure at all times.

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