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Stolen Laptops Puts You In Danger Of Identity Theft

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Among the many things we want in life include security. Security is not limited to financial security or psychological security; this encompasses a wide variety of things including personal security. The transactions made everyday makes everyone exposed to identity theft. One of the most dangerous things that can happen today is losing your laptop. A lot of sensitive information is inevitably stored on your computer because it is used for personal and business reasons. There are startling numbers of lost laptops reported in different security agencies. Here are some of the tips in dealing with lost valuable thing like a laptop:

Prevention is better than cure as they say about disease but we should apply it with our things and other personal possessions as well. As a preventive measure, you should always have an online backup service for your files. We know that loss of important documents, pictures and emails is more frustrating than the loss of the laptop itself. The backup files will assure you that important documents can be retrieved easily.

As we all know, your laptop contains private information because it is a personal belonging. Most of the time it contains your bank account number, important telephone numbers and passwords that can be conveniently read by a criminal. If possible try to create back – up data manually and delete all your passwords on your laptop. In addition, some of the programs in the laptop automatically save your passwords so you must always delete them after use. Make use of the good passwords which cannot be easily made and gained access to. Most of the laptop companies provide laptop tracking and recovery service so you can locate missing laptops. You can label your laptop with your name and contact information so that it could be returned if ever lost by an honest citizen who finds it.

You must be aware that a laptop is one of the most tempting objects for dishonest people. Mark your laptop and have a copy of the serial number of it. It is easier to find a stolen laptop when you have the serial number and other identifying marks of your ownership. Getting the services of identity theft protection services is also recommended. It will help you in case your laptop gets stolen.

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