Hidden Cameras: Which Type Do You Need

Hidden cameras are an important component of a surveillance system. They can record sureptitiously and can be an effective means to monitor activities and provide evidence in case of a crime or a violation. Get to know the different types of hidden cameras to determine which one is right for your needs.

Nanny cams
A nanny cam is a type of hidden camera that generally has the most basic functions. It’s single focus, stationary and has low to average image quality. The nanny cam is a good choice for a hidden camera meant for general use such as home or office monitoring and surveillance. It works very well for a limited area, such as a small or mid-sized room but may not be recommended for large areas. The image quality is often not sufficient to allow the user to obtain a sharp image from afar, say — 20 to 30 feet away. For closer monitoring though, the nanny cam works very well.

The nanny cam is also the type of hidden camera that is usually disguised as something else. It could be installed on a wall clock, for example, or a stuffed toy or even a picture frame.

Portable hidden cameras
This is a type of hidden camera that is smaller than the usual, which means it can be installed in just about anything. A portable hidden camera can also be worn, which makes it ideal for personal or face-to-face monitoring or sting operations. These days, hidden cameras of this type are also equipped with audio capability in order to capture sound.

Usually, the hidden camera contains a transmitter which sends signals to a remote receiver. This allows for a real time live feed of the images and audio captured by the camera. In some models, the hidden camera comes with an SD card that will record images and audio digitally. These can later be uploaded onto a computer for viewing.

Sensor-driven hidden cameras
Some hidden cameras, particularly those used for home or office security, are equipped with a built-in sensor. This sensor detects movement, which makes the camera ideal for 24/7 surveillance. It will only turn on if and when movement is sensed. Otherwise, the camera remains on standby.

In terms of energy use and efficiency, the sensor-driven hidden camera is an excellent choice. It will only record if activity occurs. It can also be set up to set off an alarm if motion is detected, alerting security officers or homeowners.

Night vision hidden cameras
Night vision hidden cameras are equipped with infra red technology. This allows the camera to record images even in low light conditions. Some high-end models can even record even in the complete absence of light, which makes them ideal for areas such as the backyard, garages, parking lots and store rooms.

Night vision hidden cameras can be excellent for surveillance or home security needs because they do not rely heavily on a strong source of light just to record any activities. As such, it can be used night or day without anyone knowing that it had been installed.

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Honeywell For Burglar Alarms in West Palm

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West Palm Beach residents enjoy a relaxing, laid back lifestyle found in few places today. It is imperative for West Palm homeowners and businesses to protect what they’ve worked so diligently to earn. Providing burglar alarms that West Palm residents have relied on for over 25 years, CSI: Palm Beach can help secure any West Palm area home or business and protect the things that are most important to owners.

Honeywell Total Connect Home Security

West Palm Beach homes featuring Honeywell Total Connect systems are fully protected from burglary with the newest and sharpest technology found in today’s security market. Remote keypad, smart phone and tablet-controlled systems allow freedom to see what is happening in the home with the touch of a button or a sweep of the hand. This allows homeowners to enjoy the mobility they have become accustomed to, while knowing that their residence is fully protected.

Smart phones or tablets like an iPad can be used to do things like:

Most importantly, the burglar alarm system can be checked at any time using an iPad or smart phone. This effectively turns any home into a smart home!

Trust CSI: Palm Beach for the Best Security Solutions

CSI is happy to send their professionally trained technicians to your home to discover what your personal security needs are. With CSI: Palm Beach, a new Honeywell security system can be expertly installed the same day or the next day. Peace of mind comes along with the smartest Honeywell security West Palm homeowners can find on the market today.

CSI proudly installs the best burglar alarms West Palm homeowners need for security. Protection is just a phone call away. CSI is proud of the fact that their technicians are fully trained, licensed and are always receiving updated training to be sure they stay at the top of their profession. CSI has been in business in West Palm Beach for over 25 years. They understand the West Palm luxury lifestyle that home and business owners have worked so hard to earn.

Key security consultants come to your home or business to appraise your unique needs and can tailor the perfect home or business burglar alarm system for those individualized needs. CSI: Palm Beach is owned and operated locally and they have regional and national capabilities.

Homeowners know they are protected whether they have a single home or several investment properties. Smart phone and remote connection technology makes this all possible, especially when it is used along with the Honeywell Total Connect Home Security System. For more information about this, or any of the range of security systems from CDI: Palm Beach, please go to

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Prevent Cyber Attacks by Securing Your Internet

If you look at the astonishing amount of people that are solely making use of the internet, you will be amazed at how many cyber attacks happen on a daily basis. This is the reason why you need data protection software for your internet connections.

It has been measured that roughly a third of the population of the globe makes use of the internet on a daily basis. That is a figure in the billions which then doesn’t come as a surprise that there are thousands of very important pieces of information on the internet like bank details, addresses and identification numbers. Would it then come as a surprise to know that there are thousands of people able to break into your confidential information and use it for their own benefit?

Many studies have been done regarding cyber attacks, viruses and files that harm your computer and it has been found that the only way to combat some of these criminal acts is to make sure that you purchase and install competent data protection software for your private or company information.

The studies showed that by improving your network security with the use of protective software will increase the security of your information by as much as 80%. These figures are the deciding factor on many a large corporate company’s decision to purchase state of the art security software that could amount to thousands of rand.

With the beginning of the internet, all you needed to log onto your “secure” account was a simple username and a password. It was thought to be sufficient enough to keep any information secure. But with the growth in knowledge of the internet hackers and cyber attackers, they have even been able to hack into the confidential files of the White House. Hackers are now able to view your online banking site as you use it, and with the use of electronically tuned tools, pick up your security codes as you insert them into the banking website. They are therefore informed about your bank account number, security password and even the balance that is in your account, which makes it very easy for them to withdraw any amount from your account without being able to be traced.

Hackers are also able to send a virus in the form of a card, invitation or notice of a prize won directly to your email address or your website, rendering it useless. These viruses can even wipe out all the information on your system and distort the memory on your hard drive, making it almost impossible to use again.

It is therefore extremely important that you enquire about and purchase very good quality data protection software to rest assured that your precious information is safe and secure at all times.

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10 Best Ways to Protect Your Data Online

Internet access, for sure, opens door to new success stories and unfolds a whole lot of unconquered mysteries. But with all such positives, it also poses an open invitation to data security threats. You often adopt casual behavior considering that your sensitive data will remain secure forever, without any breach of security. However, in real, once you get exposed to the worldwideweb, an unknown world, comprising of of hackers and intruders awaits your presence that intend to steal away your confidential data from your computing devices. However, you need not to be petrified by such antisocial elements online until you are alert and leveraging all the effective steps that play the key role in securing your data. Some of these prominent steps are given here, lets hope they work for you.

1. Use an alternate user name

Many websites ask you to provide your full credentials including name. If you are using the website only for occasional basis, it is better to provide a fake name and not your real one.

2. Use different email address

Your email address means a lot to you since it consists of all the important data related to your professional as well as personal life. Hence, giving it away to some unknown source with which you are not that much familiar would not be a smart idea. A viable practice would be to create a new email id that you can provide to all those websites where you need to login occasionally

3. Use encrypted password

While registering to a particular website, using encrypted password is necessary. Either you can seek the help of password generator tools available online or you can use any strongly encrypted password on your own. Including alphanumeric characters, letters and digits together would add strength to your password and further would act as a barrier between your important information and the hackers.

4. Avoid the use of personal credentials on public places

Your online activities can be monitored while you are at work in some public place such as in a cyber cafe. In such situations it is worthwhile avoiding the use of your personal identity to access the internet. Hence, restricting activities to only visiting website that do not demand your credentials is advisable, if your browsing internet in a cyber cafe or through a hotspot WiFi location.

5. Set the cookies warnings to on

All the browsers provide specific settings to configure the way you want cookies to interact with your system. For example, in Mozilla Firefox, you can go to its privacy panel and click “Use custom settings for history” to set the cookies as per your specific needs. Internet explorer, Google Chrome and other browsers also offers capable support regarding it.

6. Keep distance from spam emails

If you often get unsolicited emails asking you to click on a particular link that seems to be quite familiar, beware! It could be a malware trying to hack your computer data. Hence, if ever you find any such suspicious mail in your inbox, delete it or report it as spam.

7. Beware of lucrative offers online

If a website promises to offer a handsome monetary relief to you in lieu of your contact information, then it is a sheer attempt to attack your privacy. It is better to part ways with such websites. You wont be getting any prize money but to the contrary, you may have to pay a heavy price for such an act.

8. Make sure to have sufficient web security

If it is a home network on which you are working, using the inbuilt firewall would be a significant step towards protecting your data online. Installing antivirus would be another important move in this regard that would keep all the malicious internet worms out of your reach. These viruses could effect your system files badly if not taken care of appropriately and at right time.

9. Go through the Website’s privacy policy

If you decide to perform transaction with a particular website to avail its services, make sure to read its terms of use and privacy policy. Internet has become a major source of buying and selling an assortment of products/services related to entertainment, health care, education and other fields. While you opt to approach a web portal adhering to any of these fields, looking out for its whereabouts and its take on maintaining user privacy would be worthwhile.

10. Use VPN

If you want high degree security to your data as well as wish to maintain secrecy while on internet, using VPN would be the foremost option that you can trust upon. It helps you to use internet through an IP address which is different than the original one. Such a practice saves the others over the internet to track activities being carried out from your end, since it is an alternate IP and not your own one that you are using.

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Underwater Security Camera Review

If you have a pool at home and are perhaps afraid of drowning while swimming in your home swimming pool, there is hope for you in the form of underwater security camera such as the Poseidon which is able to find out problems that can occur beneath the surface of the water and then alert lifeguards through activation of its alarm beepers. In fact, with the help of this underwater security camera it is possible to capture the image as well as location of the drowned person and thus help save their lives.
Drown And Die
Before underwater security cameras became available, chances were that if you were drowning n a pool, you would die as a result of the mishap because help would not reach you in time to save you. Also, when drowning in a pool, you will not make much noise that can help others to find and save you, and the whole episode would pass off without warning or being noticed.
To protect yourself as well as loved ones who may be using the pool, installing an underwater security camera such as the Poseidon is to your advantage because it is safer as well as securer than putting your trust solely on lifeguards who are obviously less than infallible. In fact, today drowning accidentally is the, it is believed, seventh most common cause of death in people of all age groups and it is also, it is believed, the second most common cause of death for children aged between seven and fourteen.
You can drown in a pool, on the beach or even in a bathtub though thanks to the advent of underwater security camera we can now handle life and death matters in places such as the swimming pool in a more secure manner. Of course, not everyone agrees with the usefulness of using underwater security camera, but there is still no doubting that it can help save lives.
An underwater security camera is designed in order to detect movements and also other problems that can occur beneath the surface of the water and one such as the Poseidon uses networked cameras that sweep the area both beneath and above the surface of the water and thus can help save lives as it has already done in the case of an eighteen year old named Jean Francois Leroy from France who was saved when the Poseidon helped locate him in a matter of milliseconds and alerted nearby lifeguards through non-stop beeping.
There no doubts the usefulness of the underwater security camera in places such as swimming pools as it provides early warning to lifeguards who can locate the distressed person and thus save their lives. If you are worried on this account, then you should also make use of products such as the Poseidon and then enjoy swimming in a pool or out on the beach secure in the knowledge that your life is well protected.

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The Different Password Managers For Added Security

The ever-increasing level of security and the widespread usage of computers and the internet, increases the requirement of having too many passwords. You have passwords for each and every machine, different user accounts, websites, emails, social networking sites and more. Too many passwords are often difficult to remember. To solve this problem, management applications have proved to be very helpful.

Among the several managers that are available, which ones should you choose? Let’s elaborate on them and the way they rival each other as far as features are concerned.

Storing login credentials in the browser

Modern browsers offer you auto-form filling option to store your login credentials so that you need not enter them each time you login. This is a useful mechanism but is not the safest one to opt for. The browsers typically store your password in their encrypted database or on the registry entries that are saved locally on the system. Browsers that offer syncing of data store this information on an encrypted online account.

What are its pros and cons?

Saving your on the browser does not secure your data. This is because anyone who is using your PC can launch the browser and gain access to your web accounts thereby creating a breach of privacy. Moreover, on browsers like Google Chrome, you can simply go to settings and click on ‘Show’ in the preference tab to obtain the password. In addition, there are some third party apps that can have your revealed. In this case, if there is any malware running on your, it would exploit this loophole to access your password.

Third party tools cannot access your only if it is further encrypted by a master password. This is the reason for which certain critics claim that Firefox is the safest browser, though it is upto the user to set the master password, avoiding which, you will be exposed to threats.

Web-based password managers

To ensure better security, you are advised to opt for web based managers which offer stronger levels of encryption like producing random passwords, monitoring your and storing other private details like credit/debit card numbers.

These web based managers secure your passwords in an encrypted database and give users the only key which can be looked upon as the master password. The entire process of encryption and decryption takes place on your system, i.e., locally. These managers do not have the encryption key. Hence if rogues hack your password, they would not be able to decipher it.

There are some loopholes in web based managers. For instance, if you do not set a strong master as per the guidelines or apply the same password on other sites, you could be vulnerable to threats.

Local password managers

Some users have reported their discomfort in relying on third party servers for storing password. For them, there is another option to backup passwords which is done not on the servers but on the system itself. It has got its own set of pros and cons. Security experts sometime argue that you compromise on security to some extent by storing passwords locally.

Local password managers function the same way as the web based ones. These managers too have the automatic form filling, protective notes and the password-producing capabilities. Here, the encrypted password database is stored on the machine instead of being stored in the server.

As for the security vulnerabilities, if you store passwords locally, you lose the flexibility of accessing it from anywhere. It does not provide any syncing option and you miss out on the ability to access your login credentials instantly. If you do not remember your password, you would also be deprived of the ability to login to multiple devices.

The password database can by synced with the cloud based file sharing and storage services. You can choose to do this but it holds the risks associated with cloud storage. However, it applies security at different levels. Rogues trying to gain access to the password database will have to bypass your account security before gaining access to the protected password database.

Which one to choose?

By and large, local managers are the most secure ones but they are the last option when it comes to accessibility. The cloud based managers are a step ahead of the local and the browser based ones and provides for a more accessible and protected form of storage. You can choose to opt for any of the different password managers as per your choice and convenience but make sure that you make the master password a strong one. Also, ensure that you have a strong password safeguarding your computer and web based accounts.

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How Do Home Alarms Really Help?

Do people really need home alarms needed in today’s world? A look at the evening news or the local newspaper should quickly let you know that home alarms are not only a good idea, they are vital if you want to remain secure. You will find that companies like ADT have home alarms that are suitable for any budget. The monitoring fees for most of the services you will find are less than the price of a cup of coffee a day at one of those chain coffee shops. That seems like a very small price to pay for some added security.

When you make the decision to add one of these systems to your home, you will be able to protect your valuables, your investment, and the ones for whom you care. Another great benefit of having an ADT home alarm, or an alarm from another company is that it can affect your insurance rates. You will find that many insurance companies will give you a nice discount. The money that you save on your insurance will help you to offset the cost of the system and the monitoring fee.

You will be able to choose a basic monitoring service, or you can choose to upgrade and use two-way monitoring. When you have two-way monitoring, you will be able to contact the monitoring company. Many of the companies also have digital keypads that will allow you do contact the police department or the fire department. Knowing that your family will be safe no matter the type of emergency that might occur in your home makes the cost of the ADT home alarm system, or the system from a different company if you choose, well worth it.

In addition to being able to use two-way monitoring or having the company simply monitor for intruders 24 hrs a day, the systems also have an actual alarm on them. These alarms are loud and piercing. This will alert you and the neighbors, and it should scare off most criminals.

When you are choosing a type of alarm system, make sure that you choose one that offers monitoring. When you do not have monitoring, you are only relying on the sound of the alarm to scare off the intruder. While this works in most cases, it may not work all of the time. The monitoring offered with companies like ADT home alarms means that a live person is watching over your house and will be able to send the police, even if you are not at home or are unable to reach a phone.

If you do not know what type of system would be the best for your home, you can always contact a home security professional to get some advice. They will be able to tell you if you should have ADT home alarms, as well as the type of package that you should choose. The most important thing to do is take the first step towards home security and start your search for an alarm.

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Online Background Check

Possibly you’ve never considered using the Internet to run a background check. Neither did I until I tried it. But it’s really not hard if you know how, and it’s free.

The simple fact is, there are many situations in life where it’s extremely helpful or reassuring to be able to quickly find out something about an associates or neighbor’s background.

Consider a few scenarios:

A local used-car dealer has a good price on a car you want. But you’d like to check out the owner of the lot and see if he’s been sued or has a criminal record before buying a car from him (i.e., run a quick background check).

The Internet now makes these kinds of background checks possible – for free – and it’s perfectly legal as long as you adhere to a few simple guidelines, as described below.

In this Guide I’ll discuss how you can access online public records pertaining to just about any adult U.S. citizen. As I said, it’s easy, but you do need to know something about public records and where to access them.

Q & A

The easiest way to overview the subject of online background checks is with questions and answers.

Q: Are online background checks legal?

A: Yes, as long as you only access public records for your own use. That means records like real estate records, bankruptcies, tax liens, and criminal records. Three things you should be aware of, however:

First, you can’t legally do a background check on someone you’re thinking of hiring without his/her written permission (a signed release); second, you can’t use “pretexting” in your background check (for example, calling a bank and impersonating the account holder in order to find out how much money he/she has in the account – this is strictly illegal); third, you can’t legally access someone’s “non-public” information, particularly medical records and credit reports, without a signedrelease from the subject. Also – please never hire someone else to do any of those could be held responsible. There are plenty of private investigators and others with Web sites that will gladly use pretexting to determine someone’s place of employment or financial assets, for example. You should avoid these people like the Black Plague.

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Stolen Laptops Puts You In Danger Of Identity Theft

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Among the many things we want in life include security. Security is not limited to financial security or psychological security; this encompasses a wide variety of things including personal security. The transactions made everyday makes everyone exposed to identity theft. One of the most dangerous things that can happen today is losing your laptop. A lot of sensitive information is inevitably stored on your computer because it is used for personal and business reasons. There are startling numbers of lost laptops reported in different security agencies. Here are some of the tips in dealing with lost valuable thing like a laptop:

Prevention is better than cure as they say about disease but we should apply it with our things and other personal possessions as well. As a preventive measure, you should always have an online backup service for your files. We know that loss of important documents, pictures and emails is more frustrating than the loss of the laptop itself. The backup files will assure you that important documents can be retrieved easily.

As we all know, your laptop contains private information because it is a personal belonging. Most of the time it contains your bank account number, important telephone numbers and passwords that can be conveniently read by a criminal. If possible try to create back – up data manually and delete all your passwords on your laptop. In addition, some of the programs in the laptop automatically save your passwords so you must always delete them after use. Make use of the good passwords which cannot be easily made and gained access to. Most of the laptop companies provide laptop tracking and recovery service so you can locate missing laptops. You can label your laptop with your name and contact information so that it could be returned if ever lost by an honest citizen who finds it.

You must be aware that a laptop is one of the most tempting objects for dishonest people. Mark your laptop and have a copy of the serial number of it. It is easier to find a stolen laptop when you have the serial number and other identifying marks of your ownership. Getting the services of identity theft protection services is also recommended. It will help you in case your laptop gets stolen.

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Cctv ?10 Things You Should Know About Cctv Security Cameras

There are many choices of CCTV cameras out on the market. CCTV systems offer some of the best resolutions for your security need which places the CCTV security systems at the tops of the market and an easy choice on your part. CCTV security cameras come to us in many options.

What is CCTV:
CCTV, or Closed-Circuit Television, is a group of surveillance cameras which are not publicly distributed. CCTV systems differ from television that is broadcasted in that all the pieces are directly linked. CCTV is used in areas where there is an increased need for security.

Who Uses CCTV Systems:
Though more widely used in businesses, CCTV cameras can also be used in the home; utilized to view the entrance points. CCTV systems would be more useful in the business setting due to its wide range of view ability. Places which have an increased need for security: airports, banks and casinos for instance, use CCTV security systems.

Professional CCTV Security Cameras:
If you?re looking for tops in clarity of picture, be it black and white or in color, then pro CCTV cameras and CCTV systems are what you?re looking for. They give you some of the best in resolution where visuals are concerned.

Bullet Security CCTV Cameras:
These types of CCTV camera are sealed within weatherproof cylinders. They offer a tiny, sleek look. This CCTV security system type is perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Dome CCTV Security Cameras:
This CCTV security system is meant to and designed to blend into areas such as building entrances, shopping malls and retail stores. These CCTV cameras will keep your location very secure while offering great clarity as well as remaining in ?high fashion? to meld well with your business d?cor.

Infrared CCTV Security System:
These nifty CCTV cameras allow you to see in complete darkness. They?re great cameras for low or extreme low light applications.

PTZ and Controllable CCTV Cameras:
You can use your CCTV DVR to control these cameras. You have the ability to move them up, down, pan from left to right and even zoom in. These advanced CCTV system is ideal for larger businesses which have a full time security squad.

Network IP CCTV Cameras:
These cameras give the user an advanced solution for audio, video and graphical information transferred over IP-based networks. This CCTV system is also offered through wired and wireless media. These CCTV cameras are often offered for indoor, outdoor, PTZ controllable and even infrared security solutions.

The Cost:
The cost of a CCTV security system is negligible to the peace of mind and savings in insurance you will find. Simple systems can be purchased for under $200, but if you require a CCTV system with some high end CCTV cameras than you?re looking to spend over $1000 and in upwards of $2500.

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